CEO Greetings

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HISOL Co., Ltd. is located in ‘Namwon Jirisan Herb Special Zone’ and produces eco-friendly cosmetics, bath products, and quasi drugs (hand cleanser, toothpaste, hair loss prevention shampoo, etc.) by using domestic herbs raised in Jirisan, and customizes products in the way of OEM and ODM.

We directly purchase herbs raised in Jirisan, Namwon, and have a product manufacturing technology to offer true herbal therapy effects to customers by using domestic herbal oil and water, produced by the Korea’s biggest herbal oil extractor.

We have been exclusively producing cosmetics brands such as, LYMPHODIA, the premium esthetic cosmetics, INNERBELLA ETTE, for esthetic experts, LYMPHO MEDI, medical cosmetics, and HEAVENIA, herb cosmetics. Also, we have been researching precise efficacies and ingredients of herbs in cooperation with Hub Research Institute of Rural Development Administration, Namwon Eco-friendly Cosmetics Industry Support Center, and Jeonju Biomaterial Research Institute.
In addition, we have been constantly striving to create the best products which could be recognized by customers through continuous investment on R&D. We promise to do our best to produce more innovative products now and forever.
Please try to experience the special beauty given by nature with HISOL Co., Ltd.

CEO of HISOL Co., Ltd. Egyung Park

She is a skin care specialist and a cosmetics developer, who constantly researches for youth and health of customers, and a business woman, who always communicates to realize the true impression of customers.

1986 09. Tokyo College of Hair & Beauty – Completed skin and makeup curriculum
1989 06. Founded PARK EGYUNG Cosmetics
1992 08. Won the Best Beautician Commendation of National Assembly
1994 05. Selected as an International Beauty Contest judges and the best beautician
2005 09. Served as the chairperson of Gwangju and Jeollanam-do Branch of Korean Skin Beauty
2008 12. Operation of 130 nationwide franchisees of INNERBELLA
2009 01. Published a booklet, ‘the Technique and General Theory of Lymphotherapy
2011 02. Grand prize of the People Embraced Korea – hosted by Korean Journalists Association
2013 06. Served as the chairperson of Green Movement Association
11. Served as the board member of Gwangju Angel Club
2014 02. Registered trademark of INNERBELLA China
04. Served as the vice president of EFN, Environment Friendly Newspaper
05. Won Grand Prize of Korean Citizen Award – Beauty Industry Development Contribution
11.  Served as the senior director of Namwon Cosmetic Industry Support Center
11. Serve as the operating member of the Green Consumer’s Solidarity Committee
2015 03. Registered in Contemporary Korean History of People by Korean National Spirit Promotion Association
2015 12. Won the grand prize of Great Businessmen – Corporate Economy Division
2015 05. Won the grand prize of Proud Korean Citizen – Eco-friendly Operating Company
2016 11. Invited as a Star lecturer by Small Business Market Promotion Public Corporation
2016 12. Won the achievement award of Gwanju Living Together, Citizens Happy Together.
2017 03. Certification of Lifelong Education Center by Korean Certification Promotion Association
2017 12. Won the grand prize of the Best Asian Expert of ASIA TOP BRAND AWARD

Current CEO, EGGROUP Co., Ltd.
Current CEO, HISOL Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Current CEO, MULTIBEAUTY Co., Ltd.
Current CEO, INNERBELLA Co., Ltd.
Current representative of Multi Beauty Academy, skin care startup specialist training.
Current representative of Jirisan Natural Product Research Institute of EG Cosmetics.
Current director of Lifelong Education Center of Korean Certification Promotion Association.
Current vice president of EFN, Environment Friendly Newspaper.