Management Philosophy

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A prefix that has the meaning of naturalism and environment.

A vision to jump up to be a global beauty & health company.

We have a vison to make our customers recover pure beauty and health with pure products and services, and to be a global leading company in the beauty & health industry.

Management Philosophy

We’re proud of our highest quality.


The core technique of EGGROUP Co., Ltd. which CEO Park Egyung
has developed with 30 years of knowhow.
What is ‘Lymphotherapy’?

The health and form of all creatures in the world are inevitably changed by the effects of gravity, gas, fluid, and solid, and they cause problems such as inborn and acquired malformation, obesity, and body shape change, etc.

resolves the above problems through the technique of invigorating the circulation and drainage of lymph, and turning the fascia and periosteum into flexible.

Furthermore, it makes the human body healthier by correcting the body shape and delaying aging

It is a method of management that makes you enjoy a happy life by establishing the foundation of health, and is a health and beauty management program which has put together theory and practice.