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EG Hills Tourist Hotel, which offers beauty & health together, has completed a construction service contract and has been approved as a tourist hotel thorough last 3 years. It is located in the foot of Baraebong, 600m above sea level in Jirisan and we are in a hurry to initiate the construction of the beauty farm that can offer both healing and curing thorough beauty & curing experience tour, beauty & curing tour and the operation of experience & practice center.

The only one cosmetic, LYMPHODIA

Giving rims a born baby complexion LYMPHODIA

Out of existing concept that cosmetics are used only for face
The cosmetic of new concept, used for entire body from head to toe.


INNERBELLA, inner beauty.

The Ultimate in privileged care for mature skin

You! The one getting reborn as a stunning beauty
To maintain the health and shape of human body
The Unique 5-step management method of INNERBELLA


HEAVENIA, the essence of herbal extract

Beautiful Skin! The start of skin care!

The beginning of skin care to make skin soft
The botanical skin care for sensitive and troubled skin.
The essentials for the first step of skin care after cleansing


The hand of millennium artisan to create youth.

Create your Park Egyung Style

She is a skin care specialist, a cosmetics developer, and a business woman who constantly researches to be healthy and to maintain youth by communicating with customers.