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R&D Center

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R&D Center
“HISOL” is aiming at researching and developing good quality basic cosmetics.

The “Jirisan Natural Products Research Institute,” which was officially accredited by the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KITA) in 2013, is located in the Jirisan Herb Valley, 247-9 Barabong-gu, Unbong-eup, Namwon-city, Jeollabuk-do.

The institute is engaged in research on the establishment of basic science for the development of useful natural materials, the separation of natural substances from natural resources, the search for biological structure, the search for biological activity, the search for mechanism of action, We are in charge of research on new cosmetics development.

Our Jirisan Natural Products Research Institute is a technology-intensive company that purchases, extracts, and commercializes various herbs and plant useful materials. Especially in Korea, it is located in the only clean area of Jiri special zone in Korea, located at 600M above sea level. We are already producing 120 kinds of cosmetics using herbs and plants that grow in the Hub Valley.

We have strengths in applying these advanced technologies to the following industries.

  • Research and development of cosmetics using harmless natural materials related to detox.

  • Diversity is the foundation for the free development of new ideas and success, by maximizing the creativity through composition of the research group of the research and development agriculture, nutrition, food engineering.

  • Creating diversity-based industries to create ideas and efforts for success.
    Our research division is divided into cosmetics research team, design research team, strategy support team, and quality control team. We are devoted to leading the flow of cosmetics market scientifically and technically in order to cope with the change of the world market wisely. In addition, our Haisol cosmetics “Jirisan Natural Products Research Institute” is trying to be one with customers and one with consumers, and as a good company, we are doing our best to care for our relationship.