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The Korean Intellectual Property Office, HISOL Co., Ltd. Lymphodia, selected as a ‘ Global IP Star Company’ of the year 2018

2018-07-11 15:39


Digital Times

The Korean Intellectual Property Office, HISOL Co., Ltd. Lymphodia, selected as a ‘ Global IP Star Company’ of the year 2018

Release Date 2018-04-23 17:04


The Korean Intellectual Property Office selected 205 small businesses including HISOL Co., Ltd. Lymphodia, as a ‘ Global IP Star Company Foster Project’ of the year 2018

A total of 845 companies applied for this project, showing a high competition rate of 4.1 to 1.

Hisol (CEO, Park, E Gyung), a comprehensive specialty eco-friendly cosmetics and quasi-drugs company, was selected as a "' Global IP (Intellectual Property) Star Company' from a foster project, received a total of 210 million Won in funding," said on the 20th of April.

The company was selected as an 'IP star company' until 2016 and volunteered to customize for 3 years in a business related to intellectual property rights. Starting from the last year, the project selected 'a global IP star companies' from small and medium-sized enterprises in the province that exported or expected to be exported will receive comprehensive support for intellectual property rights for 3 years within 70 million won per company per year.

Mrs. E Gyung Park said that her company selected as a "Global IP star company" after a preliminary screening process. And they would be able to get support for various projects such as "Customized patent map supported by Jeonbuk Intellectual Property Center of Jeonbuk branch of Korea Invention Promotion Association, 3D simulation production for promotional purposes, patent and design convergence, non-English language brand development optional IP, and overseas rights, etc. "

"The company was selected for this project because it was recognized for its growth potential through exports, through the already existing intellectual property base." Based on this upbringing business, they would do their best to be able to reach the global top 10 in environmentally friendly cosmetics by 2020.

Based on the history of technology development in 1988, Lymphodia, a natural cosmetics manufacturer, has been manufacturing cosmetics for 30 years and obtaining ISO certification, which is a quality control standard so that consumers can use the product with confidence.

In addition, the company has been focusing on domestic beauty franchise Innerbella, China KC Innerbella, concentrating on the Korean wave beauty business, such as exporting products to Thailand and conducting Korean wave beauty events. Also, the company has been selected as an eco-friendly company by consumers.

In addition, as a herb cosmetic brand that offers beauty and nobility to customers' skin with the herb of Jirisan by developing and launching 10 new products such as  "Lymphodia Magic O2 Bubble Foam" that exfoliates and provides oxygen to the skin, "Boosting Magic Sleeping Mask Pack"  that has effect of whitening, anti-wrinkle and "Boosting Gold 24K Care Series" that contained pure golden nano colloid.